1/2 Pound of Fudge From Uranus

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The Best Fudge Comes From Uranus!

We offer a variety of fudge flavors, All Made Fresh in Uranus and packed fresh and gooey, just for you!

Vanilla - Chocolate - Peanut Butter - Chocolate Pecan - Peanut Butter & Chocolate - Maple Walnut - Toffee Bar (Heath) - Cookies & Cream - Dark Chocolate

Reduced Sugar Chocolate - Reduced Sugar Vanilla - Reduced Sugar Peanut Butter & Chocolate - Reduced Sugar Peanut Butter

One of our Fudge Packers will package your fudge fresh in Uranus and ship it straight to your door. Beginning 12/27/18, we will only be shipping on mondays to ensure it arrives fresh as we make it and ship it as soon as it sets. (For fudge to be shipped on Monday, your order must be received by the Sunday before by Noon.)

All orders will be packed by ½ pounds in individual boxes stamped with the Uranus Logo. Rest assured, it will always arrive fresh and tasty, just like it does in Uranus!

If you need to guarantee it delivered by a certain date, please use one of our express shipping options.
Then, if it doesn't arrive on time, yell at your carrier!

Allergen Notice. Please note that some sweets may contain actual pieces of or have traces of nuts and nut oils or may have been made alongside other products containing nuts.  The Uranus Fudge Factory can not be held responsible for any issues resulting from food allergies.

Note: Our Reduced Sugar Fudge uses isomalt, a sugar alcohol and fructose, also known as fruit sugar, to sweeten this product.  Reduced Sugar Fudge is not a low calorie food.