Uranus Sideshow Museum- There's A Lot Of Freaks In Uranus

Uranus Sideshow Museum- There's A Lot Of Freaks In Uranus

Posted by Laura Abernathy Huffman on Oct 19th 2023

By Laura Abernathy Huffman

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“Sideshow culture? You’ll have to go to the Smithsonian, look it up. That’s what’s gonna happen. There’s nobody left like me. Not that the public don’t want it, the public really wants it.” Bobby Reynolds, Sideshow Talker to NPR in 1999.

Roadside entrepreneur Mayor Louie Keen isn’t going to let sideshow culture fade to black. Not on his watch.


The handsome and humble Keen realized that sideshow king Bobby Reynolds was spot on when he told National Public Radio that the public still wants sideshow culture. Keen had already collected a few freaks, curiosities, and monstrosities, including an alligator boy and a unicorn skull. In May of 2018 Keen beat the Smithsonian Institute to the punch when he opened Uranus Sideshow Museum- the last bastion of sideshow glory on Route 66 in the Missouri Ozarks. 

Uranus Sideshow Museum is a congress of freaks, curiosities and monstrosities on Route 66 in the Missouri Ozarks.


Uranus Sideshow Museum is home to the world’s second largest collection of oddities. Sideshow Museum curator Katya Kadavera takes careful care of her charges that include strange creatures, snakes & reptiles, mummies, giants, and original sideshow banners- including a few items from Bobby Reynolds and Jack Waller’s Sideshow Circus.

There’s more than meets the eye with the astonishing Katya. Kat pulls double duty in Uranus. She is also the resident sword-swallower. Her magic show and sword-swallowing demonstration are quite electrifying. Her show is, without a doubt, the most fascinating sight the human eye has ever witnessed. There is a small admission fee, we don’t apologize for it, only $6 for adults. 

Uranus Sideshow Museum Curator and sword swallower Katya Kadavera. .


Uranus Sideshow Museum is a kaleidoscope of color- guaranteed to catch the eye of kids of all ages. If you are too squeamish to enter the Sideshow Museum you will want to browse Uranus Sideshow Museum magic shop & gift store- suitable for all ages. Here you will find the perfect gift for your aspiring magician- card tricks, books, magic tricks, and buckets of rubber chickens! Uranus Sideshow Museum also offers gloriously-detailed, vividly-colored, digitally-printed sideshow banners

There are a lot of freaks in Uranus! 


Spooky season IS the perfect time to trek to Uranus Fudge Factory & General Store to see the freaks in the Sideshow Museum! Of course every season is the perfect time to trek to Sideshow Museum to take in all the freaks in Uranus! Luckily the Sideshow Museum in Uranus is open year-round.

As world famous sword swallower Kat says, “Everyone needs a little sideshow in their life!”

Handsome, yet humble, Mayor of Uranus Louie Keen isn’t going to let sideshow culture fade to black.