48" x 36"
Outdoor Vinyl
Brass Grommets


 Mayor of Uranus Sideshow Banner
4 feet x 3 feet
This is an incredible banner. Very unique art, beautiful,  
with brass grommets and reinforced edges on all four sides.

This is not an original hand-painted banner. This is a brand new banner, printed digitally.

Step right up to see the Mayor of Uranus Sideshow Banner! Featuring Mayor Louie in all his patriotic glory, this stunning four foot by three foot banner is sure to catch everyone's attention. Reinforced edges, brass grommets, and vibrant digital print make this an eye-catching addition to any carnival, circus, home or office. Mayor Louie strikes a commanding pose with his trusty eagle sidekick and impressive arsenal, making it clear why he's the Mayor of Uranus. Don't miss your chance to add this one-of-a-kind banner to your collection - Mayor Louie and his city are out of this world!