September News From Uranus Newsletter

Sep 23rd 2019

Poker in the front, Liquor in the rear

It's so intoxicating to be in Uranus, we have decided to start a whole new business. Uranus Liquor has joined the family in Uranus and the t-shirts are now available for pre-order. Even better, this shirt, as well as some of our others are now available in size 4X. Be one of the FIRST to get the new shirt!

Watch Uranus on TikTok

Uranus has invaded TikTok!

The Mayor and Tiffany have taken TikTok by storm and the results couldn't be funnier! @uranusmissouri on TikTok is one of the fastest growing channels on the platform, with the hilarious duo raking in more fans daily and that's only after two weeks! The Mayor introducing Tiffany to the Big Black Cock in Uranus has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. Don't miss Tiffany smashing an egg on the Mayor's head or any other antics. They're putting out four or five videos a day, so don't miss it! Like, follow, and share.

Uranus is coming to Beaver Falls, PA!

The Mayor and Tiffany are going on a road trip and taking Uranus to Beaver Falls, PA. Matt Ciriello, of Beaver Falls, won our Crash Your Party email drawing so the Mayor and Tiffany will be crashing a Halloween party, meeting the mayor of Beaver Falls and going on the craziest road trip to happen since Oprah and Gayle. Don't worry, you'll get to see what happens because they're going to film it for TikTok and YouTube. Follow them to see what happens!

Fall Examiner will be available soon!

The Uranus Examiner will have a brand spanking new issue in Uranus available at the beginning of October. Watch for it!

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