Meet the Major League Eaters In Uranus! Part 2

Meet the Major League Eaters In Uranus! Part 2

Posted by Laura Abernathy Huffman on Mar 7th 2024

Mayor Louie and Miss Tiffany are thrilled to bring Major League Eating to Uranus Fudge Factory in Missouri! The 2024 Inaugural Eating Uranus Fudge Galactic Championship will be held March 30, 2024.

Today we unveil the second half of the field of world-class competitive eating athletes who will be vying to take home the first ever Eating Uranus Fudge title belt, a world record, and Mayor Louie’s cold, hard cash.

John Gebhard- Hailing from Fishers, Indiana, just 20 miles west of Uranus Fudge Factory & General Store’s #2 location at Anderson, Indiana, Gebhard is an aerospace engineer who has proven time and time again he can chow down. Gebhard is currently Major League Eating’s 40th-ranked eater in the world. The first eating competition Gebhard competed in was a hot dog eating contest at a Jellystone Campground. He once pounded down five pounds of pumpkin pie in eight minutes. During his MLE career he has also consumed hot dogs and buns, shrimp cocktail and Indian tacos. Will Gebhard capture the Eating Uranus Fudge Galactic Championship and catapult himself up the eater rankings?

Nick Wehry- Nick is currently MLE’s #4-ranked competitive eater in the world. He is also one half of the dynamic eating duo, “The Hungry Couple,” with his wife, #3-ranked eater, Miki Sudo. MLE named Wehry as one of their fastest rising stars. They weren’t wrong. In 2021 he stuffed 50 hard-boiled eggs down his gullet in three minutes and four seconds to set a new world record. He celebrated by dropping to one knee and proposing to Sudo. She said yes. In 2023 Wehry dominated the competition by cracking and eating 188 pistachios in eight minutes. The next week he chowed down 173 chicken wings in 10 minutes. Can Wehry eat more Uranus fudge in eight minutes than his wife?

Greg Wilson- Soon after moving to Texas Wilson showed up to a Major League Eating donut eating contest. He was selected to compete and savagely demolished 120 powdered donuts in six minutes. Soon after he signed on with MLE and took on his Greg “The Savage” Wilson monniker. He is currently ranked as the 24th top-ranked eater in the world by MLE. Wilson is comfortable with breakfast foods- will he rise to the Eating Uranus Fudge challenge?


Jocelyn Young- Young is a five-time Coney Island finalist and is the 29th ranked eater by MLE. She is also the #1 ranked female eater in Texas. If you are from the great state of Texas, this means she is the #1 ranked eater in the world. As MLE reminds us, it’s all about perspective. There’s more to Young than just hot dogs and buns though. Young has also chowed down in Spam and pizza challenges. How much fudge from Uranus will she pound down during the Eating Uranus Fudge Galactic Championship?


Miki Sudo- Miki is currently MLE’s #3-ranked competitive eater in the world. She is also one half of the dynamic eating duo, “The Hungry Couple,” with her husband, #4-ranked eater, Nick Wehry. Sudo is the seven-time undefeated winner of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest in the women’s division. Her personal best at the Coney Island competition is 48.6 HDB in ten minutes. Sudo already has four world records under her belt. Will she pull out of Uranus with another one?

Patrick Bertolleti- Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti possesses more world records than you can shake a stick at. In 2007 he ate a world record-breaking 9.17 pounds of blueberry pie in eight minutes. Without using his hands. He also holds world records in eating chocolate, key lime pie, king cake, shoo-fly pie, cream-filled donuts, pancakes, waffles, cupcakes, strawberry rhubarb pie and Mars Bars. Will he taste sweet success eating Uranus fudge?


George Chiger- George “The Smorgasboard” Chiger hasn’t met an eating competition that he didn’t like. Standing at an imposing 6’6”, MLE affectionately calls him a “mountain of a man.” Chiger exploded onto the competitive eating scene when he qualified for Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest by downing 31.5 HDBs at a regional event. Chiger’s sweet tooth has led him to success in strawberry shortcake and donut eating competitions. Will Chiger be crowned the Galactic Champion of Eating Uranus Fudge?


Meet the rest of the Major League Eaters who will be eating fudge out of Uranus: