Meet the Major League Eaters In Uranus! Part 1

Meet the Major League Eaters In Uranus! Part 1

Posted by Laura Abernathy Huffman on Mar 1st 2024

Mayor Louie and Miss Tiffany are thrilled to bring Major League Eating to Uranus Fudge Factory in Missouri! The 2024 Inaugural Eating Uranus Fudge Galactic Championship will be held March 30, 2024 at Uranus Missouri.

Today we unveil half of the field of world-class competitive eating athletes who will be vying to take home the first ever Eating Uranus Fudge title belt, a world record, and Mayor Louie’s cash.

Geoffrey Esper- Major League Eatings #2 ranked competitive eater hails from Oxford, Massachusetts. Esper, a high school teacher by trade, dipped his toes into the competitive eating world at a local taco-eating contest. It took him two tries to qualify for Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest. He has set at least 20 world records while climbing the MLE ranks. Esper holds records for chicken wings, corn dogs, pizza, tamales, egg rolls, and donuts to name a few. Will he be the new world-record holder after eating Uranus fudge? Watch him eat 20 pounds of banana pudding on his YouTube channel.

Matthew Raible- Raible has been eating competitively for a decade. He has pigged out on pierogies, lunched on loose-meat sandwiches, binged on brats, munched on mutton sliders, and ate aebleskiver with abandon. The Peoria Journal Star once suggested he go by the moniker Matthew “Clear the Table” Raible. Matt is still nicknameless but hopes to become the first Eating Uranus Fudge Galactic Champion.


Crazy Legs Conti- Once, on a bet, Conti, spent a week eating nothing and drinking only water and Guinness beer. In 2002 at New Orleans he sucked down 408 oysters. He once ate his way out of an eight-foot box of popcorn. Before leaping into the world of competitive eating Conti was a bouncer, a window washer, and a nude model. Is Eating Uranus Fudge Galactic Champion next on his list of accomplishments?


René Rovtar- Rovtar first took the international competitive eating stage in 2017 when she gulped down eight hot dogs and buns during Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest. The following year she shared that famed stage with her daughter. A former public school administrator,for Rovtar, life is a mix of dedication, passion, family, and fun. Whether she's at the head of a classroom or the head of a competition table, Rene embraces every moment with grace and gusto.

James Webb- JWebby learned that he really can eat on the first day of May 2021 when he and his wife strolled into the Khartoum Hotel in New South Wales, Australia. The hotel offered a 5 Kg Burger Challenge on their menu. 56 competitors had attempted and failed the challenge before James demolished the giant burger- and topped it off with cheesecake for dessert. JWebby most recently smashed the pistachio eating world record at the Santa Monica Pier. The previous record was 188 in an eight-minute time frame- he almost doubled the record by cracking and eating 338 pistachios. JWebby, can eat- but will he pull out of Uranus with the Eating Uranus Fudge Galactic Championship belt?


Michelle Lesco- Michelle “Cardboard Shell” Lesco is no stranger to having her name listed as a Guinness World Record holder. She holds three world-records- including one for eating 3 ½ jars of mayonnaise in three minutes. Lesco started eating competitively by accident after her pals bailed out a burger challenge. Taking one for the team, she stepped up and gulped down the burger. In 2021 she beat Miki Sudo and took home the Pink Mustard Belt from Coney Island. Will she defeat Sudo again to take home the first ever Eating Uranus Fudge Galactic Championship belt?  


Gideon Oji- Oji is no stranger to competition. He played center for the Clayton State Lakers during college. He stepped onto the Major League Eating stage in 2015 for the first time during Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest where he slammed down 19 HBD (hot dogs and buns) to take 14th place. The following year he doubled down on the previous year by gulping down 38 HDBs and took fourth place. He set a world-record later that year by eating 25 ½ 16-ounce containers of kale in eight minutes. Will Oji walk away from Uranus with the championship belt?


Meet the rest of the Major League Eaters who will be eating fudge out of Uranus: