Uranus Mortuary
We Bury 'Em Deep In Uranus

 11 oz. capacity; Double Sided Mug

When you think of Uranus, you probably don't think of death and funerals. But that's exactly what you'll find at our very own mortuary, now immortalized on the Uranus Mortuary mug. Featuring the funeral home's slogan, "We Bury 'Em Deep In Uranus" and a Route 66 shield, this mug is perfect for coffee, tea, or even warm blood, we won't judge. And with its 11 oz. capacity, it can hold enough liquid to keep you wired for an entire day at the graveyard (or just to get through your work shift). So grab your Uranus Mortuary mug and let everyone know where your final resting place will be. Who knows - maybe they'll even join you in Uranus one day.




- Double sided; Mortuary logo (front) & Route 66 logo (back)
- Durable white ceramic with easy grip handle
- Hand wash Only