48" x 36"
Outdoor Vinyl
Brass Grommets


Frog Boy Sideshow Banner

4 feet x 3 feet
This is an incredible banner. Very unique art, beautiful
with brass grommets and reinforced edges on all four sides.
This is not an original hand-painted banner. This is a brand new banner, printed digitally.

Are you ready to be amazed and astounded? Come one, come all to see Frog Boy in his one-of-a-kind sideshow banner! This incredible piece of art features Snap Wyatt's Frog Boy, who never walks like a normal person - he hops like a frog! You won't believe your eyes when you see him in action. And this isn't just any old banner - it's reinforced with brass grommets and edges for extra durability. And the best part? It's a brand new, digitally printed copy of the original Snap Wyatt artwork. Don't miss your chance to see Frog Boy - step right up!