Big Bang In Uranus Contest

Big Bang In Uranus Contest

Posted by BigCommerce on Jun 24th 2021

One lucky winner will receive one each of our Uranus branded t-shirts, one square each of the 18 fudge flavors from Uranus, plus a chance at $50,000!!

There are multiple ways to enter. You can text bigbang to 855-596-2084. Fill in the form link below. Or click on the scan code! The more you enter, the better your chances are at winning!

The winner will be drawn on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021. After announced on our social media pages, the winner will be contacted via email and telephone, and should claim the prize no later than 11:59pm CDT September 8th. Your email and phone number must be valid to qualify and win.

The winner will receive one each of our Uranus Branded T-shirts and one square each of the 18 flavors of Fudge from Uranus (value of almost $600). If that wasn't enough, you will also get the chance at $50,000!

No Matter What, The Person who plays the game will win 1 of the following prizes:

Grand Prize: $50,000
2nd Prize: $2500
3rd Prize: $250
4th Prize: $50 Gift Certificate

The Player will pick from 40 numbered bags until they get 5 matching prizes.

5x bags will be stuffed with Grand Prize (odds of winning are 1 in 500), 6x bags are stuffed with 2nd Prize (odds of winning are 1 in 100), 9x bags are stuffed with 3rd prize (odds of winning are 1 in 14) and 20x bags are stuffed with sponsor prize (odds of winning are 1 in 2). 


There will only be one winner. The email and or phone number you enter, must be valid to win. You must be 18 or over to win.

Miss Tiffany and the Mayor will plan to travel to the winner's hometown to play the game, at a date we all agree upon.  


If, after September 8th, the winner has not claimed the prize, we will randomly choose a winner from the other people who entered.
We will do this by putting the names on an excel sheet and let Googles random # generator choose the winner. We will do this live so everyone can watch.