Wienermobile Enters Uranus

Wienermobile Enters Uranus

Posted by BigCommerce on May 29th 2023

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Pulls Into Uranus, Again!
Two Iconic Brands Came Face-to-Face on Route 66 in Missouri Ozarks

Uranus, MO: Move over peanut butter and jelly! America’s newest favorite mash-up was created on a cold & wet Tuesday afternoon in the Missouri Ozarks. Oscar Mayer’s legendary Wienermobile came face-to-face with Uranus Fudge Factory’ flashy neon on America’s favorite road- Route 66.

The event was big news. The Wienermobile is 27-feet long and 11-feet tall. UranusFudge Factory’s massive signature sign has over 2000 feet of neon tubing.

The internet wisecracked after the Uranus Examiner posted: “BREAKING- We ❤ when the Wienermobile pulls into Uranus!”

Uranus Fudge Factory Facebook fan John Casto remarked, “the planets have aligned.” Fellow fan Matt Baum exclaimed, “This is the mash up that the world needs right now!”

The post has been shared 6.6K times and has reached over one million people.

This isn’t the first time the two brands have met. The Wienermobile explored Uranus July 4th, 2022.

When grilled about the Wienermobile’s return to Uranus, Mayor Louie Keen quipped, “that wiener can’t stay out of Uranus.”

Deputy Mayor Tiffany Baker declared, “It (the wienermobile) was smaller than I thought it would be. Must have been the cold.”