Uranus Keeps Expanding

Uranus Keeps Expanding

Posted by BigCommerce on Apr 27th 2021

How Much Bigger Can Uranus Get?

That sounds like a challenge. We plan to expand Uranus as far as we can!

Uranus, Missouri

Excitement In Uranus

As we begin getting back to some normalcy in our world, we are making the push to expand Uranus even farther than before. Our fudge packers have been hard at work to make the Uranus experience one that you will never forget. Starting with our mini-golf course, Putt Pirates, which will be built and ready to go by early to mid-summer.

Uranus Putt Pirates Mini Golf
Mockups of our new neon sign.

And if that wasn’t enough, we are going to stick an Amusement Park in Uranus, with our newest acquisition of a carnival. That’s right, you too will be able to take a ride in Uranus.

After all of that, there is still a gaping hole in Uranus yearning to be filled... We will fill it with the Uranus Ice Cream Company, opening sometime in May. From weiners, sandwiches, and ice cream, we will once again be feeding our road weary travelers. Let’s face it, “One Lick of Uranus, and You’ll Go Nutz!”

Even better, we will be installing a state-of-the-art customized playground for the kiddos. After hours in a car, those children need to burn off some energy and stretch those legs. Now they can play in Uranus for a while. It’ll be great for everybody involved as it’ll help tucker them out and you won’t be going out of your mind threatening, “don’t make me turn this car around.” Instead you can say, “let’s go to Uranus”!

These are only the beginning as we continue to grow and expand! We have many surprises in the works as well. The Mayor wants to make sure that his citizens are not only taken care of, but also happy. This is why he is undefeated in elections! Stay tuned as we will be updating our progress weekly.