Fizzy & Refreshing- Uranus Soda Co.

Fizzy & Refreshing- Uranus Soda Co.

Posted by Laura Abernathy Huffman on Feb 15th 2024

Mayor of Uranus Louie Keen has crammed a new fizzy and refreshing treat into Uranus!

Uranus Soda Co. debuted February 12, 2024 in both Uranus Missouri (on Route 66) and in Uranus Indiana, just off I-69. The craft soda company in Uranus offers ten tantalizing flavors that will tickle your taste buds!

One sip and you’ll wish you could taste more of Uranus. And you can! Take home all our flavors while you are in Uranus.

URANUS STRAWBERRY SODA- The one flavor that will make Uranus berry, berry extra happy! Derived from the juice of a strawberry candy piece, one sip and you’ll fall in love.

URANUS ORANGE SODA- Flavorful, crisp Uranus Orange Soda will make you dream of a hot summer day while sipping on your favorite tangy and sweet treat. Can’t beat Uranus Orange Soda for an anytime refreshment. Uranus is so orangey!

URANUS WILD APPLE SODA- Combining sweet and tart apple flavors, our Uranus Wild Apple Soda really brings the wild out of the apple. One sip & you’ll wish you could taste more of Uranus.

URANUS VANILLA CREAM SODA- Rich and sweet, our Old Fashioned Vanilla Cream Soda is much like the beloved Aunt Betty! One taste and you’ll wish you had more of Uranus. And you can! Take home all of our flavors of Uranus.

URANUS BLUE RASPBERRY SODA- Reminiscent of the blue popsicle from our childhood, Uranus Blue Raspberry Soda is like drinking that old favorite!

URANUS GRAPE SODA-What’s better than a gulp of grape goodness when Uranus tastes like Grape Soda? Nothing! Uranus Grape Soda combines a classic grape flavor with this old-timey bottle that would make your grandparents proud.

URANUS BLACK CHERRY SODA- Pop open a Black Cherry Soda to taste a bold and fruity flavor.

URANUS ROOT BEER SODA- Straight-out-of-the-barrel, creamy Old Fashioned Root Beer is our most-loved craft soda! Uranus never tasted so good!

URANUS DIET ROOT BEER SODA- Sugar-free but it will fool you into thinking it’s not…try our Old Fashioned DIET Root Beer! Uranus loves sugar free!

URANUS GINGER BEER SODA- Sweet and spicy Old Fashioned Ginger Beer Soda is perfectly crafted for a bubbly experience.

Want to taste more Uranus? Our world-famous fudge can now be shipped internationally. The best fudge comes from Uranus!