Uranus #3 is Coming!

Uranus #3 is Coming!

Posted by Mayor Of Uranus on Jan 10th 2024

Uranus #3 

is Coming


The Mayor of Uranus is excited to announce the location of our newest Fudge Factory and General Store!

It's time to spread Uranus even wider!

Buckle Up tight, we are launching Uranus directly into Richmond Indiana

The History of Uranus

We opened the original Uranus Fudge Factory and General Store in Missouri in 2015.

After several years of successfully packing the fudge of millions of our citizens, Uranus expanded our #2 into Anderson Indiana in exit 222.2.....on 1-69, no less. (By the way, the #2 is very important in Uranus)

In 2023, we were lucky to find a fabulous new location in Richmond Indiana/Cedar Springs Ohio (the property is in both states) on National Road 40 and Interstate 70. We are currently finalizing the purchase and will start construction January 2024.

We plan to open by early summer 2024 

(NOTE: This has been delayed and hopefully by late fall or early winter 2024)

This location will be our largest to date at almost 15,000 square feet and will have our homade super-premium Uranus Ice cream and hopefully in 2025, we can add a hole bunch more attractions/businesses like our Putt Pirates Mini Golf and 4-5 fuel pumps

Our initial plan is to get the Fudge Factory/General Store and Ice Cream open first in late Fall and then hopefully get  fuel pumps open by mid/late summer 2025 (if we can get it all put together in time)

Please follow our Facebook Pages or TikTok to stay up to date on our progress.

Here are a few FAQs we know will be asked soon, but if you have other questions, please send an email to

How Many Staff Will Uranus Employee?
   By the end of 2024, we will employee approx 50 crew members in Richmond at our #3 location, bringing our total of fudge packers to almost 200 people in all 3 locations

We offer very competitive wages and benefits for all the staff in Uranus, this includes health care, dental/vision, matching 401K, vacation and sick days.

How Many New Business and Attraction will you be bringing to Richmond?

  We are starting with our world famous Fudge Factory and General Store, Ice Cream Shoppe and, for the 1st time, Fuel Pumps  (hopefully in 2025, but maybe 2026)
We are purchasing a few of the buildings of the former New Creations School site including the large church building, The large house and the 2 dormitories and approx 6 acres on the Ohio side, as well

No, we did not buy the entire property, nor all the buildings. We purchased what we needed.

Yes, the Cross is part of what we are purchasing.

We are also moving our online/wholesale distribution facility from Missouri to our new location in summer of 2024

In our #2 location (Anderson Indiana) we are currently building a new Mini-Golf course, similar to our Mini-golf in our #1 location in Missouri

 We will probably build a new mini-golf in our #3 in 2025 or 2026

In Missouri, we are currently building a couple new visitor "experiences" including the Uranus Mining Co and a top-secret creation called "Uranus City Hall".
We, in Missouri, are also in the final design stages for 2 new food concepts we will be building starting in 2024; The Uranus Fried Chicken Co. and The Uranus Coffee Co.

At our #2, the Mayor can't decide between "Weiners, Weiners, Weiners" or "The Uranus Sausage Co." for the name of that new eatery in Uranus LOL

We will wait a couple years before we add a lot of new things at our #3, as we need to learn what the local citizens are wanting us to build

We will also bring in and build some very eye catching attractions that will bring in lots of visitors to the community. Our main sign in Missouri has 1,920 feet of neon, as an example.

One thing we know for sure, whatever we put in Uranus, it will be a LOT of fun :-)

What will Uranus do with the Cross and the bricks?

 We plan to clean up and restore the area around Cross, re-light it and then give all the praise and glory to God and his son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

We are also leaving all of the bricks that everyone bought to help build the Cross in the pathways

The wood statue by the Cross is coming inside so it doesn't rot away !