Holiday Treats From Uranus!

Holiday Treats From Uranus!

Posted by Laura Abernathy Huffman on Nov 22nd 2023

By Laura Abernathy Huffman

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Mayor Louie, Miss Tiffany and their merry band of fudge packers have been working like Santa’s elves to stock Uranus with all your favorite salty and sweet snacks for your holiday celebrations!


Our Taste of Uranus and Big Package in Uranus sampler packs are perfect Christmas presents. The Taste of Uranus package has six amazing flavors of fudge. The Big Package in Uranus is a massive package that includes one square hunk of each flavor of our world-famous Uranus fudge! 64 ounces of yumminess to share with your loved ones!


Mayor Louie had the truffles in Uranus packaged into giftable boxes! Available in packages of 4, 9, or 16 truffles from Uranus will make your holidays sweeter! Assorted flavors include Milk Chocolate Tiramisu, White Chocolate Lemon, Dark Chocolate Black Forest and Milk Chocolate Caramel, plus many more! Available in-store only. 


Everyone knows the best fudge comes from Uranus- so does the best chocolate! Available in giftable boxes of 4, 9, or 16 pieces. Assorted flavors include Milk Chocolate Caramel, Dark Chocolate Mint Cream, Milk Chocolate Lemon Cream, Milk Chocolate Peanut Cluster, plus many more!


Advent calendars make the countdown to Christmas tastier! Our 25-Day Kids Chocolates & Candies includes a mix of saltwater taffy, bubble gum, truffles and chocolates. The 25-Day Chocolates and More and the Truffles & Creams advent calendars count down the days to Christmas with a delicious mix of truffles and chocolate creams.


Uranus Fudge Factory is jackpacked with saltwater taffy! Perfect as stocking stuffers! Miss Tiffany recommends Eggnog taffy, Maple & Bacon taffy, Buttered Popcorn taffy, Cran Raspberry taffy, Caramel Swirls taffy, Hot Chocolate taffy, Cinnamon Roll taffy, and Pumpkin Pie taffy!


The astonishing Katya Kadavera, the sword swallower in Uranus wants to grab your nuts! Redneck Nutz that is! Get a sack of Habanero & Lime Redneck Nutz or Halipeen-Ya Dill Redneck Nutz to spice up your holiday festivities!


When Cletus isn’t shoving Redneck Nutz in his mouth he is snacking on Big Bang Popcorn from Uranus! Our white chocolate caramel corn, drizzled with creamy milk chocolate is a stellar treat that will launch your taste buds into orbit. Cletus always stocks up on bags of Uranus Style Popcorn Mix for his Fanny May! Uranus Style blends our buttery caramel corn with our cheddar coated popcorn - a match made in Uranus! Just like Cletus and Fanny May!