People Are Talking About Uranus

People Are Talking About Uranus

Posted by Laura Abernathy Huffman on Dec 20th 2023

While we were reviewing our year in reviews, Mayor Louie and Miss Tiffany noticed that people are reviewing Uranus after they have pulled out. What are they saying?


Oh the puns to be made and ARE made in Uranus! We drove 1.5 hours out of our way to visit and it was worth it!- Gabrielle Martin

My family absolutely loves this place, when we travel to and from Texas and St. Louis this is always a stop!!! The fudge is so yummy and there are so many different types to choose from. Definitely check out the sword swallowing lady,- Beccie Riley

A must go place!!! I never stop at tourist trap places but OMG this place was a riot! - Sherry Wise

Amazing experience! We stayed longer than planned because there was so much to see! Great selection of fudge and candy!- Toula F

Best stop on our road trip! Love the sense of humor!- Katie Montgomey

This place is crazy awesome! You have to stop there! If I can get in there in a semi truck, so can you.- Barbara Bauer

Fun place to stop for a break while on a weekend trip. Highly recommend it, if you love roadside attractions! We had fun, and they are right, the best fudge comes from Uranus!- Matt Ridpath

They packed our fudge very well. We drove over 3 hours to visit.- Stacy Brooks

Fun and satisfying ...they packed my fudge great in Uranus!- Tom “Tonkatoy” Ham


Uranus is a magical place.- Tim McNabb

NO DISAPPOINTMENTS HERE!!! Still talking about it months after our visit. Top kicks on Route 66. - Margaret Crozer

We had an absolute blast here! Make sure you hit it towards evening to see the beautiful neon!- Andy Kachelmeier

Neat place to stop lots to offer and see. It was the name that made us stop. I mean how do you just drive past? Lol -Brandy Kaelin

I absolutely love this place! And the fudge is amazing!- Becky Williams

We had an absolute blast at the Fudge Factory! I also recommend stopping at the 'Side-Show' attraction right next to it. There were a lot of cool things in there and it had a lot of history about old fashioned Side Shows! We also got to see a lady swallow a sword!- Megan Eckelberry

This is a hilarious place, worth a stop on Route 66!- Nikki Czerwinski

Wonderfully weird little place off the side of the highway.- Victoria Doyle

Friendliest place I've ever been.- Julie Alvarez

Finding a place that keeps the whole family entertained is a rare gem, and this place hit the sweet spot!- Josh Matthews

*Some reviews have been lightly edited for clarity and conciseness.