Strawberry Cheesecake Salt Water Taffy

Approximately 60 pieces per pound

Worry no more about taking the time to whip up a cheesecake and cut up strawberries, simply enjoy the same fresh fruity flavor with our popular Strawberry Cheesecake Taffy. Our Strawberry Cheesecake Taffy is right up your alley! Each bite bursts with the same fresh strawberry flavor and creamy cheesecake taste, without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Plus, it's made with saltwater taffy for a unique twist on an already delicious treat. So why wait any longer? Indulge in Strawberry Cheesecake Salt water Taffy today. Trust us, your taste buds will thank you. 


 Discovered in the late 1800s, salt water taffy was the product of an unfortunate event. When a candy store owner's shop was flooded with sea water, he decided to market his soaked taffys to the public! What a happy accident this incident turned out to be, because people have incorporated taffy into their memories for generations.