Red Licorice Salt Water Taffy

Approximately 60 pieces per pound

The perfect bite sized treat that will make a great addition to any movie night! Red licorice salt water taffy will bring an unexpected twist to your next movie night. These sweet and chewy bites are bursting with the delicious flavor of red licorice. The soft and pliable texture makes them easy to enjoy without making a mess. Plus, these little treats come in their own individual wrapping, making them perfect for sharing or throwing in your purse for on-the-go snacking. Red licorice salt water taffy is sure to be a hit among both young and old alike. So why not add this unique treat to your next movie night? Your taste buds will thank you.


 Discovered in the late 1800s, salt water taffy was the product of an unfortunate event. When a candy store owner's shop was flooded with sea water, he decided to market his soaked taffys to the public! What a happy accident this incident turned out to be, because people have incorporated taffy into their memories for generations.