Pina Colada Salt Water Taffy

Approximately 60 pieces per pound

If you are a fan of this umbrella lined drink, you are sure to love this juicy taffy flavor. Pina Colada Salt Water Taffy from Uranus is the perfect treat for a beach day or tropical vacation or anytime. Each piece delivers an explosion of pineapple and coconut flavor, reminiscent of the memorable cocktail. The chewy taffy texture adds an extra level of fun to this decadent treat. Pina Colada Salt Water Taffy also makes a unique addition to gift baskets and goodie bags, adding a touch of paradise to any occasion. So next time you're craving a Pina Colada, why not try Pina Colada Salt Water Taffy instead? You won't be disappointed.


 Discovered in the late 1800s, salt water taffy was the product of an unfortunate event. When a candy store owner's shop was flooded with sea water, he decided to market his soaked taffys to the public! What a happy accident this incident turned out to be, because people have incorporated taffy into their memories for generations.