Hot Chocolate Salt Water Taffy

Approximately 60 pieces per pound

Picture for a moment that you are sitting in front of a warm fireplace with snow coming down out the window, in your hand you have a nice hot cup of hot chocolate. Bring that picture to life all year long with delicious Hot Chocolate taffy from Uranus that will give you all the winter feels with one bite.  You really can’t get any closer to the flavor of hot chocolate with this rich and creamy taffy, unless it was hot and served in a cup all year long! Hot Chocolate Salt Water Taffy is the perfect treat for you. The rich and creamy taffy perfectly captures the taste of a warm cup of hot chocolate. Indulge in Hot Chocolate Salt Water Taffy from Uranus anytime for a taste of your favorite winter drink.


 Discovered in the late 1800s, salt water taffy was the product of an unfortunate event. When a candy store owner's shop was flooded with sea water, he decided to market his soaked taffys to the public! What a happy accident this incident turned out to be, because people have incorporated taffy into their memories for generations.