Available in 9oz Ball mason jar and 6oz resealable pouch.

We use our own unique seasonings so we can keep these yummy snacks MSG FREE and GLUTEN FREE.  We also use non-GMO oil.

Curious Joe's Curry Peanuts

Large Virginia peanuts in Joe's favorite seasoning, curry. Yellow curry with a mild, yet tangy flavor. These will become one of your favorites!

Hey y'all, if ya love nuts and ya love curry, you gotta try Redneck Nutz Curious Joe's Curry Peanuts. Yup, these here Virginia peanuts are coated in Joe's favorite yellow curry seasoning for a mild yet tangy flavor. Trust me, these nuts will become one of yer favorites- they sure as shootin' are mine! Ain't nothin' like some Redneck Nutz Curry Peanuts to spice up yer snacking game!