36" x 36"
Outdoor Vinyl
Brass Grommets


 Popeye Banner 

3 feet x 3 feet
This is an incredible banner. Very unique art, beautiful
with brass grommets and reinforced edges on all four sides.

This is not an original hand-painted banner. This is a brand new banner, printed digitally.

Are you ready for the greatest show on earth? Introducing Popeye, the man with bulging eyes that protrude an entire inch out of their sockets! Witness his extraordinary gift and be astonished as he pushes his eyeballs to unbelievable limits. And don't worry, Popeye is a true professional - he has been practicing this feat for years with no serious complications. Don't miss your chance to see Popeye and his unique talent. Get your Popeye Sideshow Banner now and attract all the curiosity seekers in town. Don't delay - order yours today!