48" x 36"
Outdoor Vinyl
Brass Grommets


Human Oddities Banner 

4 feet x 3 feet
This is an incredible banner. Very unique art, beautiful
with brass grommets and reinforced edges on all four sides.

This is not an original hand-painted banner. This is a brand new banner, printed digitally.

Step right up and feast your eyes upon the Human Oddities banner! This one-of-a-kind banner features the unique and fascinating Human Torso, a tiny woman, and the bald lady. Who knows what other freaks of nature are hiding within its four feet by three feet of stunning digital printing? Hang this banner at your next circus sideshow or carnival attraction to draw in curious onlookers. With brass grommets and reinforced edges on all four sides, this banner is made to withstand even the wildest freak show. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to add a touch of oddity to your event - get your Human Oddities banner today!