Available in 9oz Ball mason jar and 6oz resealable pouch.

We use our own unique seasonings so we can keep these yummy snacks MSG FREE and GLUTEN FREE.  We also use non-GMO oil.

Harley's Habanero & Lime Peanuts

Large Virginia peanuts with the heat of the habanero and tang of lime at the end.

Y'all nuts ain't never tasted nothin' like Redneck Nutz Harley's Habanero & Lime Peanuts. These nuts are no joke with the spicy kick of habanero and a zesty lime finish. These bad boys ain't no ordinary nuts- they pack a spicy punch with some serious lime kick at the end. Gather them up with some jerky and crackers for the ultimate hikin' snack, or make 'em the star of yer next BBQ spread. They're sure to be a hit with all yer friends and family at yer next shindig. Get yer hands on Redneck Nutz Harley's Habanero & Lime Peanuts today! You won't regret it, darlin'.