Get Your Kicks In Uranus Post Card

Put A Stamp On Uranus

You can now ship Uranus all over the world, with one of our unique post cards. Everyone wants to find Uranus in their mailbox!


Are you looking for a unique postcard to send your friends and family on your Route 66 road trip? Look no further than Get Your Kicks In Uranus! With a historic Route 66 sign overlay and the famous town name of Uranus, Missouri, this postcard is sure to make heads turn. Get it as a collector's item for yourself or send it to fellow car enthusiasts - either way, Get Your Kicks In Uranus will definitely be a conversation starter. Want to add some extra fun to your travels? Stop by the town itself, with its quirky attractions and great roadside eats. Don't forget to grab one (or more!) of our Get Your Kicks In Uranus postcards before hitting the open road.