48" x 36"
Outdoor Vinyl
Brass Grommets


 Fire Manipulator Sideshow Banner

4 feet x 3 feet
This is an incredible banner. Very unique art, beautiful
with brass grommets and reinforced edges on all four sides.

This is not an original hand-painted banner. This is a brand new banner, printed digitally.

Step right up and behold the Fire Manipulator, Flamo, and his impressive feats! Witness as he juggles fiery torches and breathes fire like a mythical dragon. Be amazed as he takes chains heated to extreme temperatures and wraps them around his body without so much as a flinch. This stunning banner features Flamo and all the tools of his trade. Get your very own Fire Manipulator Sideshow Banner now, with brass grommets and reinforced edges to ensure it lasts through even the hottest acts. Don't miss out on this fiery spectacle - grab yours today!