It's A Fine Time To Explore Uranus

For the Person who wants the quick “In-&-Out” gift in Uranus, but wants to get a good taste of what Uranus is all about. With the Explore Uranus Package, you have the choice of a Uranus-themed t-shirt, a quarter-pound of delicious fudge of your choice from Uranus, a Uranus Route 66 shield keychain, and even the newest edition of the Uranus Examiner. And don't forget the "I Love Uranus" sticker to show your pride in Uranus. Get it all in one package and save 20% compared to buying separately! 
 You Save 20%


* Choice of 1 T-shirt (Uranus Fudge Factory, Uranus Fudge Packer, Uranus Fire Dept or an I Heart Uranus)
* Choice of 1/4 lb of Fudge (Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Blueberry Cheesecake, or Toffee)

* Uranus 66 Shield Keychain
* Newest Edition of the Uranus Examiner
* I Love Uranus Sticker (4"X3")

You save 20% vs buying separately!


Price increase for sizes 2X-4X