Made from white and red sassafrass, these funny and unique novelties poke fun at the little bit of hillbilly in all of us.

Sure to get rid of the tangles, and keep a nice smooth head. 

Are you a proud redneck and balding at the same time? Hillbilly Bald Man's Comb has got you covered! This one-of-a-kind wooden comb is specially crafted for those with a bald head and some southern charm. Forget about those pesky plastic combs that break and get tangled in your hair - Hillbilly Bald Man's Comb is here to smooth out all those flyaways and keep your dome shiny and sleek. And with its unique wooden design, it's sure to make a great conversation starter at any party or gathering. So why wait? Get yourself Hillbilly Bald Man's Comb today and show off your love of all things redneck.


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