February Fudge of the Month- Red Velvet

February Fudge of the Month- Red Velvet

Posted by Laura Abernathy Huffman on Feb 8th 2024

Mayor Louie’s fudge packers are making Uranus red & velvety- just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Most folks already know Uranus Mayor Louie Keen is handsome and humble. His close friends also know he is a romantic DILF (Dude Into Loving Fudge) who wears his heart on his sleeve when he isn’t sporting his official patriotic red, white, and blue MUGA (Make Uranus Great Again) Mayor’s jacket.

When he was asked what the Fudge of the Month for February would be he didn’t skip a beat- Red Velvet!

The Red Velvet Fudge in Uranus is silky, creamy, dreamy, chocolatey, decadent, and downright delicious! This Red Velvet delight will have your mouth watering for another fudge packin'. It’s true- the best fudge does come from Uranus!

The reviews are already in- Michael S. says our red velvet fudge “is to die for!”


We will pack your red velvet fudge in Uranus all month long during February- even on leap day! Pop into either Uranus location, on Route 66 in the Missouri Ozarks, or just off I-69 in Madison County, Indiana, or order online anytime! Butt, hurry, before the aliens nab it all!

Need more sweet treats for your sweetie for Valentine’s Day? This month we are also pushing out heart-shaped fudge from Uranus and dipping strawberries into milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate.

Uranus ❤February!