Fun Stuff in Uranus- Clever Cletus' Hillbilly Novelties

Fun Stuff in Uranus- Clever Cletus' Hillbilly Novelties

Posted by Laura Abernathy Huffman on Feb 2nd 2024

Uranus citizens know that Cletus Woodard, the famed nut handler in Uranus, is the spokesman for our Redneck Nutz. Cletus is also an entrepreneur. He is the bumpkin behind Clever Cletus’ Hillbilly Novelties. His gewgaws, trinkets, and baubles are fun souvenirs to commemorate your time in Uranus. They are also first-rate gifts for your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

Hillbilly Nut Scratcher- A little extra help to reach that itch. This rustic wooden tool is the perfect redneck joke gift for the special someone who's always scratchin' their backside. Plus, with its unique design handcrafted by skilled woodworkers, it makes a great addition to any collection of wood gifts. So why wait? Get your Hillbilly Nut Scratcher today and start scratchin' like a true redneck!

Hillbilly Shot Glass- Have you ever wanted to drink like a true redneck? Look no further than the Hillbilly Shot Glass, the perfect addition to any redneck's party stash. Made from real wood, this shot glass adds an authentic touch to your redneck joke gifts. Serve up shots for all your pals and get ready for some good old-fashioned hillbilly fun like tippin' cows or 4-wheelin' in the family sedan. Just be careful not to accidentally knock it over with those pesky extra digits on your hand. So grab yourself a Hillbilly Shot Glass and let the good times roll! Yeehaw!

Hillbilly Cell Phone- If ya holler real loud, you don’t need good service! Are you tired of relying on technology to stay connected with friends and loved ones? Well, throw away that fancy iPhone and upgrade to a Hillbilly Cell Phone! Made out of wood, this redneck cell phone guarantees the best reception around. No more missed calls or dropped calls - just holler loud and your message will be heard loud and clear. Turn heads as you walk down Main Street shouting into your Hillbilly Cell Phone. It's the perfect joke gift for anyone who loves their country roots. So ditch that complicated technology, grab yourself a Hillbilly Cell Phone, and let the hollerin' begin!

Cletus has more knickknacks in Uranus than you can shake a stick at. Check 'em all out in-store at our Uranus locations in Missouri and Indiana- or order ‘em all online, anytime!