Maple & Bacon Salt Water Taffy

Approximately 60 pieces per pound

Hear the sizzling and smell the bacon every time you unwrap one of these Maple Bacon Salt Water Taffies! This breakfast treat is a favorite among many, and combined with the creamy, chewy salt water taffy of olde, has become even more amazing! Maple Bacon Salt Water Taffy from Uranus may sound like an unlikely combination, but trust us, it's delicious! The salty, smoky flavor of bacon pairs perfectly with the rich sweetness of maple, creating a unique and addicting taste sensation. Each bite brings layers of flavor, starting with the initial hit of maple and ending with the savory finish of bacon. And to top it off, the chewiness of the taffy is the perfect texture for holding all those decadent flavors. Maple Bacon Salt Water Taffy is truly a one-of-a-kind experience!



Discovered in the late 1800s, salt water taffy was the product of an unfortunate event. When a candy store owner's shop was flooded with sea water, he decided to market his soaked taffys to the public! What a happy accident this incident turned out to be, because people have incorporated taffy into their memories for generations.