Available in 9oz Ball mason jar and 6oz resealable pouch.

We use our own unique seasonings so we can keep these yummy snacks MSG FREE and GLUTEN FREE.  We also use non-GMO oil.

Cousin Miller's Ghost Pepper Peanuts

Large Virginia peanuts are super-duper hot, yet tasty!

If you're lookin' for nuts that'll set yer mouth on fire and make ya sweat like a hog, then Redneck Nutz Cousin Miller's Ghost Pepper Peanuts are the nuts fer ya! These bad boys pack a punch with their blend of fiery ghost peppers mixed with our family recipe of spices. But don't let that heat fool ya - these nuts are still delicious as all get out. So grab a handful of these nuts and show off to yer friends just how tough ya are! Trust me - they ain't fer the faint of heart. But if you love spicy food, then dig in and enjoy the ride.