Available in 9oz Ball mason jar and 6oz resealable pouch.

We use non-GMO large Virginia peanuts coated in unique seasonings and keep these yummy snacks MSG FREE and GLUTEN FREE.  We also use non-GMO oil.

Charlie Bob's Cheddar Bacon Peanuts

A fan favorite, large Virginia peanuts coated in cheddar cheese and bacon! 'Nuff said.

If y'all thought nuts couldn't get any better, well let me tell ya, Redneck Nutz Cheddar Bacon Peanuts are gonna blow your minds! These big Virginia nuts are coated in a savory mixture of cheddar cheese and bacon. This combo brings the best of both worlds - the crunch of nuts and the deliciousness of bacon and cheese. Plus, they're a great snack to have on hand for huntin' or fishin' trips, tailgatin', or just hangin' out with friends. So go ahead and grab a jar of Redneck Nutz Cheddar Bacon Peanuts and enjoy the flavor explosion in every bite! Ain't nothin' quite like it.