Super-absorbent. 100% unbleached cotton.

This design has luxurious woven artwork, known as jacquard. The thread’s colors create the design for a sweet, tactile and vintage feel.

28"h x 21"w

Look at this cat, so pleased with herself because she's ripped the hell out your great-grandmother's armchair. But you forgive her, because that chicken noodle soup she made was DELISH.

The Made From Scratch Dish Towel is the perfect addition to any kitchen, particularly those run by a feline chef. It's ready to help you dry your dishes or wipe up spills while showing off your love of cooking homemade meals. And let's be real, with this cute kitty design we can only assume your cat will be helping out in the kitchen too. So go ahead and let them make a mess and get ready for some serious compliments on both your cooking skills and taste in kitchen decor.