2019 Sexy Men In Uranus Calendar

MSRP: $1,000,000.00
(You save $999,985.01 )
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The 2019 "Sexy Men In Uranus" Calendar 
It's a Great Gift and it also helps several local charities.

12 Months of the Sexiest Men In Uranus can, and should, be proudly displayed ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE, with the added bonus of having a way to tell what day of the month it is, just at a glance.  No other item in the ENTIRE WORLD, has this type of technological breakthrough. 
Also, you get to see why these 
are the guys that you want in Uranus everyday. because Uranus will be right in front of everyones face (if hung correctly in a high traffic area)

Where Does the Money Go? (Per $14.99 Calendar sale)

A. $1 to The Kitten Division Adoption Center

B. $1 to The Route 66 Neon Park

C. $1 Loving Paws Adoption Center

D. $1 to buy Vietnam Veteran, Chip Bahr, an Oxygen Concentrator 

E. $1 to Hoodies House of Hope

F. The rest ($9.99) goes to production costs, printing, and helping make payroll during our slow winter months

DON"T DELAY!! LIMITED # of Calendars are available, when they are gone, they are GONE Forever!

We will receive these calendars on Jan 4th and will start shipping them out as soon as we get them

If you want to pick them up in person, just come into the store and get 50-60 copies for you and your family and friends and the beggar guy on the Interstate Exit

Heck, everyone should get one for the other area Mayors so they can see why Uranus is getting Bigger every day!